welcomeHealing is a journey toward your wholeness. I see the wholeness in you and I am taking this journey with you.

My ultimate goal is assisting you to rid of all obstacles that are blocking the way.

My passion is to help you live the life you desire from your heart. There is no limit as to what we can achieve when we are aligned with who we truly are. The entire universe would be of your assistance to bring the world to you.

This is the starting point of my work and a wishful beginning to your healing journey.


We are giving a new TAT Basics 1 Workshop at 26-27 July weekend. Please take a look at the Workshop page for details.

We have a lot of enquires about a TAT workshop. This will be the only TAT Basics workshop for 2014.

bookShu-Fang's new book in Chinese, "Fundamental Energy - Healing Across Space And Time", was published by Psygarden in Taiwan in February 2014.

This book weaves intimate healing stories with an introduction to and comparison of various Energy Psychology methods.

As the renowned Taiwanese critic Iris Chang put it: “Fundamental Energy integrates stories of life with systemic knowledge. Shu-Fang’s writing is poetic and precise. She transforms abstract academic theories to enchanting accounts of life. Fascinating and gripping!”

We hope an English translation of the book will be available in the near future.