I first came across Shu-Fang Wang in passing at a workshop and even then was impressed by the sense of deep integrity and wisdom that comes from her. I have known her now as a healer and as a trainer and I can truly say that she surpasses all others that I have come across, both in conventional therapy and in the healing world. Her presence, her wisdom, her skill and persistence have helped me bring about the deep, structural change that I have been in search of for nearly 20 years.
If you suffer from sabotaging or addictive behaviours, if your destructive patterns feel like constant companions from whom you will never be free, if you are ready to give up the hope that this can all change – then see Shu-Fang a few times.
It could change your life.
Eimear M. (Bedfordshire)

A journey of support, love and unparalleled knowledge whereby my life is uncovered, discovered and recovered from places I sensed existed, but could never explain.
Pascale Y. (North London)

I first went to Shu-Fang for help with very low energy levels and reduced immune function. Like peeling away layers of an onion we quickly worked through traumas that had weighed heavily on me for most of my life. Once that work was done, I experienced increased energy and much improved health, as well as feeling lighter than I had done for years. We then embarked on a joyful and illuminating process of inner work, focused on discovering my life purpose.
I highly recommend Shu-Fang, she is a truly gifted healer who generously shares her knowledge and at all times has encouraged me to find my own strength to take responsibility for my healing and development.
Becky J. (North London)

The first time I met Shu-Fang was a major turning point in my life. I was amazed at how intuitive she was. She was able to identify things about me which I had no idea about. Her methods are astonishing as they help me to understand myself in ways I couldn't even imagine before. Words cannot describe the feelings I have from gaining a new understanding of myself and the freedom it gives me after letting go of the burdens I carried. I can not recommend her enough. She has given me my life back.
Scott K. (Middlesex)

While experiencing severe difficulties in my emotional life, progress through conventional psychotherapy was helpful but slow and made more difficult by my tendency for stubborness and denial.
I approached Guided Self Healing with resistancy, but I found the process to be most helpful. My emotional and physical wellbeing has been immeasureably improved in a relatively short period. Shu-Fang with her intuitive, sensitive, caring approach, helped me to bridge my fears, unblock unresolved emotional traumas and come to terms with myself. Two words that define my experience with Shu-Fang are 'Safety and Empathy'.
Frank M. (Dublin)

I first attended sessions with Shu-Fang to strengthen my immune system and improve my health. With this amazing process I have not only become stronger, but I now enjoy my work, have a very much improved relationship with my colleagues, boss and partner. And I now know what my life purpose is. It has, for me, been a truly life changing experience.
This is by far the most powerful and lasting practice I have ever tried.
Donna T. (North London)

I have to admit that at first I was faintly suspicious that I was letting myself in for some rather nebulous new age mumbo jumbo with Shu-Fang. But how wrong I was. Shu-Fang is an extraordinarily gifted and sympathetic healer whose interest is in the higher good for those she treats. Armed with a hugely effective range of complementary therapeutic techniques she not only showed me how to dig out demons from the depths but also how to dismiss them forever. What more could anyone possibly want?
James B. (North London)

Shu-Fang has many Angelic qualities that she brings into her healing work. Her gentle and patient nature supports you to release old patterns, and I've personally released deep blocks on all levels with her caring guidance. Shu-Fang has a unique ability in the field of energy medicine, and that is to unite genuine compassion with wisdom, thus helping you to open your heart to the deepest healing possible.
Andrew Berry, Massage & Healing Therapist (Glastonbury)

I found Shu-Fang to be calm, caring and very thorough during our therapy sessions. Using a number of modern energy healing techniques, she helped me to remove negative patterns that had been clouding my pathway in life. After clearing out a lot of old baggage from the past, I can honestly say it has left me feeling focused, balanced and more confident in myself. The results have been truly remarkable. I highly recommend her and can ensure you'd be in safe hands.
Claudette N. (North London)