Energy Psychology

This is the dawning of the new age in psychological therapy. Enjoy the sunrise.

The origins of Energy Psychology can be traced back to the 5000 years old tradition of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, where the 14 energy meridians were precisely described and utilised in treatment.

The essence of Energy Psychology is based on a ground-breaking discovery that, the traumas of the mind are manifested also in the body’s energy system which includes meridians, chakras and fields.

When a person pays attention to his anxiety or trauma, the experience is accompanied by a patterning neurochemical in the energy system. At this moment, if we apply interventions by tapping or holding a sequence of meridian or chakra points, we can disrupt the pattern that is associated with our anxiety or traumas. Subsequently this eliminates the attached emotions.

Based on this phenomenon, Energy Psychology has redefined the personal healing and psychotherapy. It brings us a group of highly effective self-help tools as well as precise clinical methods that are able to shift difficulties and transform traumas rapidly. It also help us to identify and reprogram limiting beliefs which impede our psychological and physical well-being.

In the past decade several significant techniques have been developed under the umbrella of Energy Psychology. EFT, TAT, TFT, GSH, Emo Trance and Seemorg Matrix are prominent among these.