How does it work?

You are not controlled by your genes, you are controlled by your beliefs.
Bruce Lipton

I am here to provide guidance, as I trust each and everyone of us to have the inner wisdom that knows what is best for us and how we can be healed. I find the means to communicate with this part of you and we set off on the healing journey together.

With a combination of the most innovative therapies integrating the healing wisdom of East and West, you can experience transformation on all levels, restore your well-being, reconnect all parts and gain greater self-awareness. I discover over and over again that the deepened healing effect sometimes can benefit not just ourselves, but also our ancestors, our family and those who are close to us.

Every session is tailor-made to suit each individual case. This means I do not have a fixed way of working, I always go with the flow of how things evolve.

During a session, I can apply one single technique or combine several, whichever is the most effective way to transform the difficulty.

I work intuitively and pragmatically with each individual, approaching the symptoms and issues holistically.

I always work with an open heart. And I hope for the best result yet relinquish the outcome to our unity consciousness - the Source.

Healing is sacred. A lot of the time we have to set aside our temptation to reason and sit quiet to witness the miracles unfold. That is the beauty of this work.